Celebrating Census Day: Uncover Your Family’s Story through Census Records

Cluster analysis of Northampton County Cumbos helped me to identify Cannon Cumbo listed in 1790 Census for Northampton NC in as my probable 6th great grandfather.
According to this 1860 slave census record, John Smyer Jr owns only one enslaved person, a male in the same age range as my third great grandfather Henry Johnston.
1870 Census record for my great-great grandfather Gus [Graham] Kerns. He is living in a post-emancipation household so his biological connection to the other household members is not clear. His marriage and death certificate both list his parents as unknown.
1940 Nansemond County (now Suffolk) Census Record for the household of my great grandmother Georgia Joyner.
1790 US Population Map



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Andre Kearns

Andre Kearns

Blogging on Race, Culture, History and Genealogy.