New Year Resolutions — New Year Genealogy Goals (NYGG!)

Cumbo family branches represented in our Cumbo US South Y-DNA Project
Here I am visiting the Library of Virginia in Richmond for the first time to research my third great grandfather Exum White.
Here is an early 1900’s map of Nansemond County, Virginia. Based on research, my third great grandfather Exum White owned property in Suffolk, Holy Neck and Cypress which includes parts of the Great Dismal Swamp.
1924 death certificate for my great-great grandmother Emma Goodwin. Her informant is my great grandfather Harvey Henderson.
1870 census record for my third great grandmother Emma Jane Hall. She was my mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s mother. I inherit my maternal haplogroup U4a1a from her. U4a1a traces back 15,000 to a common ancestor in regions known today as Russia and Scandinavia.
  1. Publish a second article in a genealogical journal
  2. Uncover the story behind why my fourth great grandmother, an enslaved woman named Clara Cotten, was sold in 1844 for $1 to Kader Biggs of Bertie County, North Carolina
  3. Use DNA testing to learn more about the ancestry of my wife’s Haitian parents



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Andre Kearns

Andre Kearns

Blogging on Race, Culture, History and Genealogy.