W.B. Harvell: From Slavery to Political Leader

Warning: This article includes racially offensive language. Here’s the Charlotte Observer article describing the chaotic Republican Convention William B. Harvell participated in on 12 April 1884. The article’s author refers to William as Buck Blythe and quotes him.
This is the 1832 Deed from William Robinson willing WIlliam B. Harvell (listed as Buck) and his family to John Nantz. It reads as follows, “{State of North Carolina } Know all men by these presents that I William Robinson hath Bargained and sold unto John Nantes. One Negro woman named Hannah aged about thirty five years & five children one named Burton & Jeferson & Buck & Betsey & Martha for the consideration of Eight hundred Dollars to me in hand paid by the said John Nants in which I warrant and defend the right of said property and warrant the same to be sound & healthy as I know. from him and his heirs.
April the 10th 1832 “
Excerpt from the history of Hopewell Presbyterian Church identifying William B. Harvell (Buck Blythe) as the founder of Miranda Presbyterian Church.
1853 James Nantz estate record selling William B. Harvell’s parents Charles and Wife (Hannah) to Samuel Blythe for $300. The entry can be found on the 7th row from the top.
The Daily Standard 28 Mar 1868. My third great grandfather W B Harvell, born enslaved, served as a Republican delegate for the state of North Carolina during Reconstruction. “4. That we go into the coming contest in this County and State, with full confidence in the soundness and justice of our cause, (which is the restoration of our State to the Union on a loyal basis,) with a resolute purpose to achieve a victory worthy of the name of freeman.”
Photo of my great-great grandfather Hamilton “Pleasant Ham” Harvell (1856–1928) son of William B. and Eliza Harvell.



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Andre Kearns

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